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First blog. (Oh I’m loving this)

So before going through whatever I want to share story with you, I just want to clarify things; I’m a first time blogger(correct me if I’m wrong with the term) so you might—or really find my blogs messy, full of gramatical errors, typos, and nonsense. I just got interested about posting here cause an intructor of mine(he’s handsome, I must say) did introduce this to us. Well, it’s not like I’m totally ignorant of this app since I have heard it from news, read it on watty, and seen it on ads. But it’s just I don’t have the guts to discover it myself, until now. So yeah, pardon me if I just find as a hobby since I can’t make a story which I desire to do, soon.

I did not catch the news todays, so I will just share my experience today: If you have seen my bio, I’m on my third year as a college education student. And it has been required (if you’re third year) to attend and enrol summer classes. I’m unfortunate with this protocol. We have only 3 courses(subjects) with 3 units in each, yet we have to go to school everyday and heat our butt one and a half hour each course. So tell me who will be fortunate and happy with that? Good thing I have my crazy, lunatic, abnormal friends with me to keep me awake during discussions (well, we just started our regular classes a while ago so it’s just merely an orientation). 

One insignificant thing I would also dislike to share (but I’ll share anyway since I’ve got no topic to discuss) is about the carenderya we had eaten at. Here in the Philippines, if you are just studying in an intitution, you have to save and budget your money, so even some fastfood chains are near and walking distance, we prefer to eat at carenderya, which offers ambula (budget student meal) so we could save some of our allowance. So we went to this particular carenderya. There were only few choices of viants but since we have no choice, I ordered ambula consists of a cup of rice and adobong sitaw worth 25 pesos. Some of my friends ordered the same. We are suppose to fill our hungry stomach with delicious, yet affordable foods, but I was so disappointed that the viant tastes salty, although I’m not that choosy with whatever I eat when I’m hungry, add the fact that it was summer and my head was just as hot as the burning sun, so I drink the served cold water anstead, but I nearly spit it out. It taste…. I can’t explain i just knew it taste horrible. So I tell my friends to eat a little bit faster. We paid our orders with betrayed faces and end up finding some good carenderya that sells good halo-halo to cool down our head and to put the taste of the not-so-delicious food we just ate off our mouth.

After that, we went back to our very warm, it might toast you, classroom which has only one electric fan which does not even rotates. Last subject was Math, and so we off to our respective homes.